Heli-Hike in Fox Glacier

Glacier Heli-Hike in Fox Glacier

The fly-in, fly-out heli hike combines the excitement of walking on the Fox Glacier with the thrill of helicopter flights. By flying in you are able to access and explore a part of the glacier where its forces work hardest and often create spectacular ice caves and arches.

Equipped with sturdy leather boots and other equipment, you board the helicopter for your first flight over the pinnacles of the lower icefall. Here, the ice is in constant motion. You then circle the upper icefall and Victoria Falls before landing.

The duration of the trip is approx. 4 hours.´

Please note that the minimum age for the heli-hike activity is normally 16 years. For students travelling with NZdirect International Student Tours, the minimum age is 14 years. You are expected to follow all instructions of the glacier guide and to behave in a mature manner – otherwise the guide has te right to exclude you from this activity for safety reasons.

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