ZORB Rotorua

ZORB Rotorua

The ZYDRO ride is our wildest ride. We throw you, up to two friends*, and water (make a note – warm water in winter, and cold in summer. Yes, we do look after you!) inside the ZORB® globe and send you on your way down the hill. Free inside the ZORB® globe, you – the ZORBONAUT – are free to slip, slide, and spin inside the globe for an action packed, wet ride down the hill.
“It’s a wash for the unclean, a bonding experience for friends, a massage for the aching, and a cure for the hungover. It will leave you refreshed, exhilarated and ready for your next ZORB® experience (or the crowd watching you scream and laugh your way down the hill)”
Described by some as a cross between a water slide and a roller coaster, the ZYDRO ride is like nothing you experienced before. We offer two track options with the ZYDRO – the Zig-Zag or the straight.
The Straight ZYDRO is the ZYDRO ride down our straight track. In this variation you can take up to two friends* on your wild ride down the hill. A true bonding experience, the Straight ZYDRO is a great introduction to ZORB® globe riding and will leave you craving more!

Known as our ‘astronaut-in-training’ ride, the ZORBIT ride is a head over heels adrenaline rush that will have you coming back for more. Strapped into the ZORB® globe in a specially designed safety harness, you are sent on your trip down the hill rolling head over heels, heels over head as the ground and sky go whizzing past in a beautiful mosaic of blue… green … blue … green … blu … gree … blu … gre…bl…gr…b…g…bgbgbg…while your body is subjected to the soft and relaxing feeling of weightlessness and g-force.
The ZORBIT ride is only available for one person at a time, and only down our straight tracks.

Slightly more strenuous on the body, the ZORBIT ride is the ride for those wanting to stay dry and get their adrenaline fix. It will have you wanting more. And more. And more. And more.

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