The safety and comfort of our students are the most important aspects for NZdirect and we prefer hiring our busses from companies that are members of Qualmark®. NZdirect works with trusted partners who are among New Zealand’s premier supplier for luxury bus hire and coach services.

The bus driver is an integral part of the tour team and is chosen with this in mind.

Before the tour starts, a coach safety check will be performed by all coach drivers to ensure that the coach meets the safety requirements of NZdirect International Student Tours. This includes the checking of:

  • Brakes & Handbrake
  • Indicators
  • Lights
  • Horn
  • Microphone system
  • Emergency exits
  • Location of fire extinguisher, first aid kit & location of handbrake

The Tour Guide will also ensure that the following safety precautions are met at all times:

  • Exits and aisles are kept free from luggage
  • Overhead items are safely stored at all times
  • Passengers must remain seated while the coach is in motion
  • All guides and drivers are familiar with the location of first aid kits; fire extinguisher etc. in case of emergency
  • Tour guides will always deliver a Personal Safety statements re travelling as a group or at accommodation
  • We have a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan on hand

All busses usually have safety belts on seats.

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Tour group inside the coach