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NZdirect is an award winning inbound tourism company based in Nelson, New Zealand. Specializing in travel services in relation to international education, the company organizes travel for visiting families as well as for students during their stay in New Zealand. The company successfully operates the NZdirect International Student Tours since 2002.

All tours and programs are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the New Zealand Code of Practice for international students under the age of 18 years, which is taken seriously.

The overarching desire of the management and team at NZdirect is to provide fun filled, authentic travel experiences in New Zealand that enhance the lives of the tour participants and respect the natural and cultural environment of New Zealand.
The company is a member of the New Zealand Tourism Association and the German New Zealand Business Association.

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Our Team

NZdirect – International Student Tours are organized by our experienced, competent and dedicated staff to give international students a unique travel experience.

David Monopoli
David Monopoli – Director

Having spent more than 10 years working with international students in Europe and New Zealand, the tour director of NZdirect takes his own share in guiding our international student tours. David is passionate about what he does, be it building houses, cooking or travelling. As a true Kiwi, David loves to share stories and a laugh with the students. A father of three kids himself, David knows how to entertain and always creates a fun and adventurous atmosphere on tour.

Patrick Huhn – Tour Coordinator

“The first time I came to New Zealand was in 2014 when I travelled with my family around this fascinating and totally unique country. As New Zealand captivated me within no time I was certain to come back again soon. After finishing my Bachelor in Business Administration and studying Tourism Management by correspondence course I decided to combine my interest with my profession and started an internship at NZdirect. Now it is my full-time job and I am organising tours as a Tour Coordinator to give international students the chance to discover this lovely spot on the other side of the world. “

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