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Come and join one of our fantastic International Student Tours

We love this country and want to make sure that you have the best time while living here! Beautiful landscapes, action-packed activities and cultural experiences that nobody should miss. We’ll give you the experience of a lifetime and you will make new friends and heaps of memories to never forget!
You want to see stunning beaches, taste a traditional Maori hangi, learn how to surf or see a real haka? Then travelling the North Island is ideal for you.

Do you want a true road-trip, try a bungee jump, stay in Queenstown (the adventure capital of the world) and see the awesome Milford Sound? Then the South Island is yours to explore.

Our tours offer great value for money and include a wide range of activities. Additionally, we offer a lot of extra exciting activities. Check out the tours here – you can book extra activities at the same time as the tour. We recommend booking extra activities beforehand, as operators have limited seats available. You sure won’t get bored during your school holidays as there are plenty of activities to try when on tour with us. Check out the travel routes for detailed information! 😊

  • "On behalf of all Nelson College International students, I would like to say "Thank you very much!" for this amazing opportunity to see all the different sights of New Zealand and we truly enjoyed the tour with the NZDirect Team. This is by far one of the best life experiences that we will ever have made in New Zealand - we have been doing and trying a lot of new things during the tour."
    Punn Prarin Cowarin (Thailand), January 2021
  • International Student Tours - August Lind Neider
    "I just want to thank you so much for this awesome tour. Travelling around NZ has been one of my dreams and you guys made this dream possible through this tour."
    August Lind Neider (Denmark), April 2018
  • International Student Tours - Maike Friehoff
    "The Team of the tour are very friendly. I had a amazing time on the North Island."
    Maike Friehoff (Germany), April 2018
  • International Student Tours - Ayano Kato
    “I really enjoyed the South Island explorer tour 2017! I'm so glad that I've been on the tour because there was so much fun, so many opportunities to learn about New Zealand and I could meet with lots of new friends. That was just so awesome and a special experience. If I could join another tour, I really would love to do that again! I greatly appreciate all of the support and amazing times in the tour.”
    Ayano Kato (Japan), October 2017

Before booking with us

This is what you have to do:

1. Tell your parents and get their consent.
2. If you are staying at a homestay talk to your host family too. They might not have any plans for the school holidays and would be happy for you to get the chance to explore the country.
3. Talk to your International Dean/Homestay Coordinator at school. Before signing up for one of our tours you need to have your schools’ permission too. Usually you fill in a holiday application form provided by your school.
4. You have your parents and schools’ permission? Great! Now you are all ready and set to book with us. Simply click on the ‘Book Now’ button at the top of our website and you’ll be forwarded directly to our online enrolment form.

Special Deals & Discounts

We always have special deals going. Check out our tours for more information on discounts and early bird specials.

Tell your friends about our tours

Tell your friends about our tours and get an activity voucher of $50 for one friend who joins up. Make sure your friend mentions your name on the booking form to be eligible for the voucher.

Any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call on 035466338 or send an email to