Health and Safety

Code of Practice

All our tours and programmes are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the New Zealand Code of Practice for international students under the age of 18 years.

In New Zealand, students under the age of 18 years are not allowed to travel around by themselves. Students are also required by the New Zealand Government Code of Practice to be supervised by a suitable person/s at all times. NZ Direct Student Tours have a long successful history of guided Student Tours. Our guides are fully qualified and responsible individuals who have a thorough understanding of the Code of Practice. They provide the perfect opportunity in a safe environment for your child to discover the country with other exchange students of the same age from all over the world.

Emergency Phone

If there is an issue and you need to get hold of your child you can reach us 24 hours / 7 days on our emergency phone. You’ll receive these details with your tour itinerary.

Emergency Contact Details

We require the contact details of the school and the first person to contact. These details are required when filling out the online booking form.

Parents Permission Form

We require the student’s parents (not the host parents) to give written permission for their child to join one of our tours. Therefore a permission form has to be signed and send to us by email or by fax no later than two weeks before tour start. Click here to download the parents’ permission form. Activities can also be booked on tour, provided there are still seats available. If there are any activities where the parents want their daughter or son to be automatically excluded, they can list them on the parents’ permission form.

Age Requirements

Students are to be a minimum age of 14 and maximum age of 18 years at the time of travel. We can accept younger and older students on request. Please contact us for further details.